Video Games for Cats?

Yes really! Mew and Me is a collection of automatic video games for cats played on tablets. They are the only games intended to be left on when you are out of the house, and the first games that track your pet’s usage to show you what they have been up to. Mew and Me believes both in improving the quality of life for your animal, and giving you a window into their day that you wouldn’t have had before.

Our Story

After moving to San Francisco, Willem Delventhal, our CEO, spent a long time resisting getting a cat. When he inevitably gave in, as all true Cat Dads do, he felt bad about leaving his couch panther alone all day. Fez was his first indoor cat, and it was clear that the little tuxedo missed him. As a fun weekend project, Willem soldered some wires into existing electronic cat toys, and programmed them to turn on and off throughout the day. When he told his cat buddies about the silly project, he immediately got propositioned to build more. And it was at that moment that he remembered he was a Game Designer, and Mew and Me was born. The first video games for cats.

Our Mission

We create understanding through play. We envision a world where cats are treated with the same care we give our dogs. We want to see cat walking become normal, and to support animal health worldwide. Our pets give us so much, and we at Mew and Me honestly believe that we have so much more to learn about them! That’s why we put your pets data at your fingertips, giving you a new way to understand them.

What's Next?

Mew and Me is just the beginning! We see ourselves becoming the smart pet marketplace of the world. The first group to focus on pet behavioral data on a grand scale, and the first people to use this data in a conscious way. We seek to improve the lives of owners and pets alike. We do more than video games for cats! Look forward to amazing new features, like remote control games, physical toys for cats and dogs alike, and so much more!

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